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Digital Marketing- 3 Trends That Will Shape It!

It’s a digital marketing era that we all are directly or indirectly living in. it’s a phase of time where technologies have gone out and have unsettled marketing methods and are on a roll to continue it.

In the same context, let’s dig deeper as to how three technologies trend will influence digital marketing in the future.

However, before we go in, let’s make you grab an overview of some statistics.

1. Video and mobile will be the darling of the masses (customer engagement) 3-5 from now

2. In around the year of 2017 or so, digital marketing costs or spending is set to cross the IT based investments

3. Around 72% of marketers worldwide are of the opinion that conventional marketing module won’t suffice going by the abrupt and constant changes in digital marketing

4. By 2020, there will be more than 75 billion devices in use

Let’s come back to the three technologies trend that would redefine digital marketing.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

3-trends-that-will-shape-digital-marketing-futureYou must have heard about the Internet Of Things (IOT). The concept of IOT is quite simple; a network of physical things (objects) which could be used in exchanging and collecting data without human-to-computer and human-to-human interaction.

By the end of 2017, each household all across is speculated to have more than five internet powered/connected devices.

Impact On Digital Marketing

IOT could become a mode of convenience easily as it’s an exciting technology which could mean greater data control by end-users irrespective of them being digital refugees or digital natives.

It’s still not sure how, why, what and when marketers may collect data from devices- but customers will surely not give away their information without being offered an incentive.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not a very old concept and you may have experienced it without even realizing it. Augmented reality could be referred to as a real-time view with augmented elements made alive and possible with the help of computer-generated sensory inputs such as video, audio, graphics and more.

Apps could be regarded as a very good example of this technology under which end-users are provided with brand-based information at a whole new level.

Impact On Digital Marketing

An Augmented Reality technology touches conventional as well as traditional modes of digital marketing, and it can easily improve as to how marketers contact their targeted end-users.

Interact is the major keyword here and it does not necessarily push up branding messages.


While you must have seen many Wearables these days such as the Apple Watch, the wearable technology is still far from being saturated.

However, these technologies may be regarded as critical elements of IOT (Internet Of Things) and Augmented Reality for commercial, personal and even industrial use.

The basic technology that we see more practically these days such as smart watches may not be life changing, but there are many other instances of wearable technologies that are currently operated in Beta and are set to be launched in a couple of years from now.

Impact On Digital Marketing

Considering the fact that presently there are very few takers of wearable technologies, this will gain momentum in the coming 3-5 years from now.

However, when it finally happens, digital marketers will then be able to focus and make the most of it on behaviors, patterns, attitude and trends. As these technologies are mostly interwoven in the daily lives of end-users, tracking will become even more an easier thing to do.

All aforementioned technologies are already unsettling traditional as well as the digital marketing arena and one is yet to see the full extent of how emerging technologies will impact marketing.

But, one thing is for sure, marketers also need to scale and adapt their present strategies depending upon technologies that their end-users are putting to use, currently.

If this is done greatly, marketers will have even a greater chance in getting hold of customer details, getting creative campaigns flagged and enhancing online presence.

Of course, we are in the digital age, however, the choice is to either make way or adapt to new changes or keep lagging behind the cut-throat tech-savvy competition.

Key Points From The Whole Article –

1.Digital marketing is going to be the key marketing aspect in near future.
2.Digital marketing importance could be assessed with the growth of online marketing.
3.Future digital marketing trends shows a great scope of growth.
4.Digital marketing trends will impact it for good surely.
5.Correct Digital Marketing Strategies = Successful Website Reach/Growth.

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