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Social Media Marketing- 8 Tools Makes It Easy!

If there is one of the things that’s being liked and talked about so much, it’s none other than Social Media. Yes, Social Media Marketing has emerged one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing in today’s tech-savvy world.

One cannot even dream of gaining any website traffic without incorporating a proper social media marketing plan these days. Nonetheless, getting this plan made and implemented fully is also not a child’s play.


1.Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. Writing Tools
  2. Research Tools
  3. Grammar Checking & Plagiarism Tools
  4. Email Tools
  5. Infographics Tools
  6. Screenshot Tools
  7. Formatting Tools
  8. Managing & Organizing Tools

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There are multiple things to consider and varied angles to scrutinize and analyze, but thanks to today’s technology driven advances that there are tools available these days which can easily help you make and execute your social media marketing plans.

In the same context, let’s provide you 8 Social Media Marketing tools that would let the social forums to act like a drum to your ears or it would be a piece of cake, if put it in other words.

Social Media Marketing Tools

1-Writing Tools

8-tools-to-make-your-social-media-marketing-an-easy-jobContent is indeed the king and in order to get great social media campaigns created, you will be requiring creatively written content too.

Not to worry, as this task could be completed by making the following tools to work to aid you come up with uniquely great content for your various posts.

Quabel- Quabel is an online word text editor which is free to use when compared to various other similar tools that not only makes huge hole in your pocket but are even of low quality or whose legitimacy can’t be proved.

Essaymama- Essaymama is an online writing service that’s laced with quality articles and essays that you are looking for written by professionally experienced writers.

2-Research Tools

 For anything, research is a must and social media marketing is not alone. There are a variety of research tools available over the web that could aid you in emerging with novel ideas and trends for you from multiple sources.

InboxQ- This tool will surely help you to come back with uniquely interesting topics needed for your blog pages/posts.

Google Trends This is a great tool from the trusted house of Google to get to know about the keyword based queries that the people are searching or making on Google.

The Content Idea Generator (v2) – This tool will let you find news and stories linked to your blog posts from varied sources.

Portent- This tool aids to provide with quality and enticing titles needed for your blogs.

3-Grammar Checking & Plagiarism Tools

 Poor grammar quality and issue of plagiarism (copied content or content matching with already other published content/other websites) are two one of the major aspects which can spoil a perfectly working blog platform and even smudge your hard-earned reputation.

Thus, these factors must be considered for which opting for some tools may be a wise decision.

CopyScape It’s a plagiarism checking online tool which can state whether the content that you have recently written is copied or matching some already published document.

PaperRater- It’s an online proofreader cum plagiarism tool to help you check grammar and spelling errors for your written content and to edge out any sign of plagiarism.

Grammarly- It is an online grammar checking tool to ensure that there exist no grammatical kinks in your written content.

4-Email Tools

Email may be an old-fashioned marketing method but effective one to date as emails are being used these days to send newsletters by eCommerce companies to customers to inform about deals, offers, promotions and discounts.

Rapportive It’s a tool which provides you information about your contacts from all over the web in your inbox.

Boomerang For Gmail- It could be considered as an excellent tool that helps in scheduling mails. Thus, it also makes you a complete in charge of deciding as to when to send or receive e-mails.

Design Tools- A proper and proficient website design is a must and some design tools can make it to look even better.

Canva- It’s a tool that could give a chance to come up with tailored design for your blog posts.

ThingLink- It’s a tool which is used for embedding content within the images that you have acknowledged which is to be used in your blog posts.

PicMonkey It’s a photo editor cum multi-purpose tool that could aid with you the prospect to make way for customized design, graphics and collages.

5-Infographics Tools

 Needless to say, Infographics have emerged a famous means of providing info to the masses. It is used to engage customers with picture based illustrations which you can enhance even further with following tools.

PictoChart It is one of the greatest tools available today which you can use to create Infographics even if you are a new learner and have never created Infographics ever.

6-Screenshot Tools

 Seeing Is Believing’ is an age-old phrase and is relevantly true for social media marketing campaigns. This is based on the perception and understanding of the human mind that it remembers visual information/images for a long duration of time when compared to just textual information.

Thus, it becomes quite crucial for brands/businesses to have screenshots on the blogs for an enhanced effect/impact over the customers’ mindset.

Jing- This online tool could be trusted as one of the most reliable for creating videos and not to forget screenshots.

Monosnap it’s a screenshot creating tool that’s laced with a number of other superb features.

Awesome Screenshot- As the name suggests, this awesome screenshot creating tool could also be trusted as it’s an easy-to-use tool to go for.

7-Formatting Tools

 In order to let your social media campaign to all the talking and be an overnight success, keeping the format of your blog post good is extremely important. Needless to say, this includes font size; html optimized content and right fonts for each of your blog entries.

Firebug- it’s a plug-in that lets you view the page code.

Notepad ++- It’s a source code that could aid you in editing the blog posts’ source codes.

HTML Link Generator This useful tool lets you have the opportunity to emerge with HTML optimized content in the most convenient manner.

8-Managing & Organizing Tools

 Almost all social media marketing campaign heads or managers generates a great deal of files and ideas which needs to be carefully organized and managed. In order to do this, you need to make good use of the below organizing and managing tools.

Dropbox It’s a tool that makes it easily possible for social media campaign managers to have all files available on all devices.

Evernote- It’s a tool that lets one to view the notes spread across all devices.

Thus, what are you still waiting for? Opt for a mix of these aforementioned social media marketing tools and make social media marketing (SMO) an even easier job.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing in today’s techno-savvy world
2.Social media marketing tools make it possible to achieve marketing communication and business goals
3. They help to simplify your social media marketing strategies
4. They help to produce high quality and beautiful content and graphics with lesser efforts
5. Managing and organizing tools help to organize your social networks

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