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Domain Name For SEO Is Crucial

Grabbing a great domain name is the first step towards setting off your online journey. Once you have seized a good domain name, you need to go ahead towards making the website well established and successful.

However, in order to achieve this, SEO or Search Engine Optimization still stands as the most effective method.

Yes, implementing SEO tactics aids your online presence reach and get listed in top search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines such as Google.

As a result, the success of your website hugely depends on its SEO. But, does your website domain name have any effect on SEO?

Thus, let’s see how domain name affect your website’s SEO?

How Does A Domain Name Affect The SEO Of Your Website

Search engines such as Google put to use various ranking tactics to evaluate a domain’s quality. In earlier times, keywords in a domain name used to be a major ranking factor search engines also used to give a high weight to such websites that were keyword laden or rich.

As a result, then, exact match domains (EMDs) used to perform much better when compared to other domain names.

Even these days, domain names with targeted keywords perform better, but only to a certain extent. Various studies reveal that an average EMD ranking went down from 13.4 to 26.6.

This has happened because more factors are being considered to govern the domain’s performance from SEO perspective.

Apart from keywords, one of the most vital factors that regulate the value of SEO in a domain name is face value or recognition as a brand and authority.

how-crucial-is-a-domain-name-for-seoThese days, domains with a high authority in any category are being given more value by search engines such as Google.

In another word, Google loves a domain that has made a niche for itself and has evolved as a brand with its great services, products, customer service and more.

Thus, as far as SEO goes, a domain has a great impact on the efforts of your SEO. As a result, a domain must be selected with utmost care to make it sound authoritative and that may emerge as a brand and that may boost your SEO efforts as well.

Key Points From The Whole Article

  1. SEO holds greater value for a domain.
  1. SEO impacts a domain big time and it’s needs to be in sync.
      3. A bad SEO means a bad website score & ranking.
     4. SEO is a must if you want your website to rank higher on search engines.
     5. Google loves a domain who has a niche for itself and for creating that, you need SEO tactics to be implemented.

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How Crucial Is A Domain Name For SEO- A Quick Take!
Grabbing a great domain name is the first step towards setting off your online journey. Once you have seized a good domain name.
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