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Online Grocery Is A Smash Hit

You must have heard the term ‘online grocery shopping’ as these days, that’s how the world is looking at buying all grocery needs right from the comforts of home, delivered to the doorsteps easily.

In our two part special series, we will see how and why the concept of online grocery evolved over time, how the buzz caught people’s frenzy, how and why people are relishing this new trend and how by making an online grocery shop (website), one could prosper and make great profitswithout the intervention of any middle men as used in physical market to reach customers.

How & Why The Concept Of Online Grocery Evolved

online-grocery-is-a-smash-hitThe answer is simple; lack of time to spend on grocery shopping every weekend and wastage of time over it that could have been easily given to family and loved one to rejuvenate!

Yes, mention grocery shopping and everyone, especially men would make all possible excuses to skip accompanying their wives or even go alone to a ‘full of noise’ grocery market, stand for hours at a crowded grocery shop, pull out a huge list and would run from one shop to another to ensure everything is received (else the wife would go ‘mad’ with allegations of them being irresponsible, pun intended) and at exorbitant rates (forget discounts at physical grocery shop)and come home with huge shopping bags and finally relieved that it has finished and returned as if after winning a war but fully bruised and battered.

Thus, this every weekend torture led to the innovation of groceries (all staples, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, household items and much more) going online and soon caught attention of aforementioned traumatized people and was welcomed with great response.

People were already suffering the bruises of a Monday to Friday job (stress, meeting deadlines and other factors) and wanted some quality and quiet time with their loved one to get refreshed for another upcoming grueling weekbut grocery shopping was not letting them do so and leaving them irritated, frustrated and unsatisfied to the core.

They had no option but to comply as no other options were left as grocery formed the most basic need and had to be delivered in time at home.

The EarlyDays Of Online Groceries

When the concept of an online grocery shop went online, it become a mockery talk for many people and even local retailers disagreed with its creation and laughed out that it won’t last long and people will still trust them for their quality grocery needs.

However, at the same time, categories such as electronics and more were already enjoying the warm reception of people, and people faced with lack of time and energy and being crunched with work and home responsibilities wanted a fresh change and had to opt for online grocery shopping and the very first kind of experience they received, left their all inhibitions about it shunned.

Why People Opened Up To Online Grocery Shopping

When people saw how by being at home they could choose the staples they want, at par quality with physical grocery stores, pay online or pay on delivery, save hugely with coupons, get it delivered on doorsteps, hassle-free returns, refunds and exchanges, it opened a huge opportunity for people as well as online grocery giants to further position them in the market slowly but greatly and make great benefits.

This revolution of sorts opened a flood like situation (read mushrooming of online grocery websites) and this started to concern physical grocery shop owners and forced them to re-strategize their marketing, distribution and operational policies.

The major beneficiary of grocery going online (grocery websites) was none other than was common people who could not only order all groceries, staples, fruits and vegetables in a couple of minutes but even save time and energy and spend quality time with loved ones.

Even you could go ahead and indulge in online grocery shopping right now and save time, money and energy and even make an online grocery website if you are willing to take your offline grocery shop online and make unprecedented profits.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Know about how the concept of online grocery evolved and grew
2. Online grocery is a great part of eCommerce revolution
3. Early days of online grocery shopping set the stage for a great boom
4. It’s a great way to shop online these days and a majority of people have opened up
5. You can save time, energy and money and also spend time with your beloved due to online grocery shopping

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Stay glued to this space for part 2 and concluding part of our special series on online grocery. The last one is set to include how making online grocery websites could help you prosper and its impending benefits; stay hooked!

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Online Grocery Is A Smash Hit
You must have heard the term online grocery shopping as these days, that’s how the world is looking at buying all grocery needs right from comforts of home.
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