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Protect Your Website Against Hacker’s Attack!

Have a website? You must protect your website against hackers and more!

Yes, nowadays, the internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. At workplaces, internet applications are used to collect data, communicate, sell products, research and even handle each and every business process right from hiring employees to client relationship management and what not!

However, internet security is one of the greatest concerns that you have to deal with on a daily basis. This is crucial to note as website hackers always try to find their way to take control of your websites, steal crucial data and bring a bad name.

In the context of the website security, a website hacker is someone who looks for and misuses weaknesses in a website, computer system or a computer network. Hackers might be motivated by a number of reasons such as financial profit, challenges, enjoyment, protest, revenge or so many other reasons.

Hackers can damage your website by various ways, such as putting inappropriate content or pictures on your website, breaking into your databases and stealing your client data, signing into your email server to send spam through your server and even submitting malicious code through systems to deliver other harmful codes as well as viruses to visitors who visit your website.

As an entrepreneur, it is very important to understand these threats and know what should be set up to reduce your risk of being compromised. The best protection from falling victim to website hackers is prevention. You can secure your website and save yourself from a huge amount of frustration by taking a few protection measures.

Let’s help you know simple preventive measures to protect your website against hacker’s attack.

Protect Your Website- Here’s How

Stay Updated

 You should stay up-to-date with various hacking threats. If you have a basic knowledge of what are conceivable and possible hacking attacks, then you can secure your website against them. You can even follow updates at various sites which can provide you quality knowledge and information about hacker’s attacks and you can use this information to put new precautionary measures set up when necessary.

Strengthen Your Password

 Hackers use various software applications to test each and every word in Wikipedia against your secret password. So, anything that is your name or a real word in any dialect must not be used and any significant or logical number sequence should not be used in a password. That means, do not use your name, your birthdate or your kid’s birthdate or whatever else that makes sense.

The best password is a combination of an irregular arrangement of lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. In other words, a password should be a drivel. You can even use a quality password generator which will help you to generate a secure password.

Install Web Application Firewalls

 A web application firewall (WAF) can be hardware or software based. This type of firewall sets between the data connection and your website server, which peruses all the information going through it.

Many web application firewalls are cloud based and they provide a plug-and-play service. Once you have installed a web application firewall, it provides complete security to your website by obstructing all hacking endeavors and even filtering all types of unwanted traffic such as malicious bots and spammers.

Limit File Uploads

 When you permit clients to upload files, folders or pictures to your website, you even permit a route for many malicious scripts or codes to be uploaded on your server. So, file and folder uploads are a major concern.

Thus, the best option you can do to protect your website from hackers is to prevent direct access to any uploaded pictures or files. First, you can store these files or pictures outside the root directory and then use a script to access these files and pictures when necessary.

Tighten Your Network Security

 Computer users and clients in your office may coincidentally provide an easy way to access your website server. So, you should make sure that:

• Passwords are changed as often as possible

• Logins lapse after a short period of latency

• Passwords are very strong and never recorded

• All gadgets connected to the system are filtered for malware every time they are appended

Use Secure Sockprotect-your-website-against-hackers-attackets Layer (SSL)

 You can use an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to transfer your users’ and customers’ personal information between your database and the website. This helps prevent the data being read in transit and it even helps prevent access without an appropriate authority.

Backup Frequently

 Sometimes, a hacker’s attack may occur in any case, so you should have each and everything backed-up. You must create regular backup files of all essential organization information and store them securely in a safe place.

Generally, people create backup copies on external drives, which can be easily stolen or lost, so you can keep your backup data in the cloud, which is a much more secure option these days. If you encrypt your backup data and then keep it in the cloud; this will not only be greatly secured, but it also becomes accessible from anywhere.

A successful hacker attack on your website does not just lead to compromising of your customers’ information and your own data, but it even leads to the blacklisting of your website by Google as well as other search engines because your infected website may spread malignant content throughout the web.

So, follow these aforementioned protective measures to protect your website against hacker’s attack.

Key Points From The Whole Article –

1.Website security is a must if you want your website to be safe.
2.Hackers are busy to make your website vulnerable to attacks.
3.Keep your website free from hackers and consider above stated points.
4.It’s a must to tighten the website security and must be done quickly & frequently.
5.It’s high time to keep websites hacker protected if you want to see your web business flourishing.

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