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5 Small Business Success Trends In 2016

2016 has been a promising year for small business owners. The growth of modern business technologies has provided s small businesses an opportunity to develop the best quality products and services at astonishingly affordable prices.

Internet marketing, eCommerce, and social media empower small businesses to reach their potential customers and clients in undiscovered markets everywhere throughout the world.

Staying knowledgeable on the most recent trends in a small business is very important to keeping up relevance in the ever-evolving universe of business.

Here are the top 5 small business trends that you must be aware of in 2016.

Top 5 Small Business Success Trends

1. Millennials Matter

As of now, Millennials (who are born between 1981 and 2000) account for more than 30% of the workforce and by 2020, they would include the largest portion of all the world workers. This group, frequently classified as Millennials, now represents the biggest employee and customer segment.

Millennials look for creative methods to carry out their jobs better and are always searching for different ways to enhance the processes and policies in the workplace. It leads to innovation and helps to jump-start changes in the organizations.


It is an important trend in 2016, where small businesses are beginning to grasp Millennials and take into account their requirements. This will be seen considerably more as the generation assumes greater amounts of the job compel in 2017.

So, the Millennials are reevaluating the world of work and for small organizations to succeed, they should know how to proficiently target and work with them.

Thus, it is a perfect time to target this group to get started your online business.

2. Mobile Technology

With the upsurge in millennial employees and consumers, the requirement and utilization of a mobile experience are also increasing. Customers are progressively looking up to their mobile gadgets to stay connected with their colleagues, friends, family, different media, and even favorite brands.

To remain in the online market, small business owners must grasp this mobility factor by guaranteeing ease as well as speed when taking into account their customers and clients.

3. Web Presence & Online Marketing

The availability of web-based technology allows small businesses more control over brand improvement, online marketing, and client engagement. While tech startup companies benefit the most from these services, web-based tools provide real-time and affordable online solutions for small businesses in each industry.

A small business not only requires a website to share its products or services to the market, but it also requires a strong online presence, which is highly appreciable on all platforms.

If your customers cannot find your business when searching over the internet, there is no way for them to interact with other business that ultimately sends them to your competitors.

So, make your strong online presence with BookMyIdentity, which offers several online services such as domain name registration, website hosting, website building, email hosting, website security and more to get your business online within minutes at reasonable costs!

4. Cloud Services & Cyber Security

In 2016, many businesses, particularly small businesses are moving towards adopting different cloud computing services such as cloud hosting, cloud backup and more.

These services are helping small organizations reduce capital spending on a high-cost data center.

Along with this, a cloud computing service comprises a cloud server, which is a virtual dedicated server and no one outside users can affect the functioning of this server. Thus, this service provides an excellent web security against cyber-attacks.

If you are having an online business, an SSL certificate is a necessity for website security because it provides excellent security for both; your website and your customers.

5. eCommerce – An Easy Option For All

In spite of the fact that there is still a lot of aggravating loops to hop through for those looking to sell products and services online, 2016 has an astounding chance of being recognized as the year when eCommerce at last, become an easy option for all.

So, online storefronts, which take into account the development of electronic trade, attract internet customers to the web in masses.

You can also build and develop a business eCommerce platform with a number of internet tools available in the online market such as Shopify and Magento. It is an incredible solution for small businesses that need to develop an eCommerce online shop on a tight budget.

You have passed many years that have seen progressive business trends and as you move into the future, you can expect to see various exciting business trends that can truly set the benchmark in progressing businesses.

Every organization should know that every business field is competitive and you should never get lagged in executing the most recent trends to exceed your business.

So start grasping these new business trends, implement them in your business techniques and shine as your business prospers!

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Small business are seeing greater success trends in 2016 as their approach to newer technologies have opened!
2. Mobile technology has further helped small businesses to reach out to more customers.
3. Going online with a website & over the mobile with apps have further helped small businesses to reach out to their targeted customers.
4. Investement in eCommerce have been seeing a surge to cash on the fast changing consumer demands.
5. Small businesses are also opening up on cloud services & security to keep their business operations safe & secure!

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