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Technology Trends To Watch In 2017

Technology trends are ever progressive, here’s a quick take on some of the vital technology trends in 2017!

Today, the pace of technological progress is faster than ever before. Only a couple of years ago, a cloud technology was considered cutting-edge. But, now various cloud technologies are driving progressions and making new standards in businesses, research, health care, and the interconnected world.

So, what new advancements can you expect in 2017?

Some researchers recently identified the top trends in various technologies that would be strategic for many businesses in 2017.

Here are the top 5 technology trends for 2017!

Technology Trends – Top 5 In 2017!

  1. AI & Advanced Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced machine learning include many techniques and technologies such as Deep Learning, Natural-Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks, and more.

The more propelled strategies move beyond conventional rule-based algorithms to make systems that learn, understand, adapt, predict, and operate autonomously. This is the thing that makes smart machines seem intelligent.

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This trend gives rise to a range of intelligent implementations, comprising physical gadgets such as robots, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and even applications and services such VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants) and smart advisers.

  1. Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps such as VPAs (Microsoft Windows Cortana or iPhone’s Siri) perform the functions of a human assistant to make your everyday tasks easier.

Other intelligent apps such as VCAs (Virtual Customer Assistants) are more specific for tasks in areas of customer services and sales.

Thus, these intelligent applications can possibly change the way of work and structure of the work environment.

Over the next decade, virtually every app and service would integrate some level of artificial intelligence. This would form a long-term trend, which constantly develops and increases the use of AI and machine learning for applications and services.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality change the way people interact with each other and even with software systems.

VR and AR would converge to form a more consistent system of gadgets delivering a flow of data that comes to the clients through personalized applications and services. This would come through things such as smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), and wearable technologies.

  1. Mesh App & Service Architecture

In this trend, desktop apps, web apps, IoT apps, and mobile apps link to an extensive mesh of back-end services to create what clients see as an application. This architecture encapsulates various services and exposes Application Program Interfaces (APIs) at different levels and across hierarchical boundaries of an organization to balance the demand of agility and even scalability of services with the structure and reuse of services.

The Mesh App and Service Architecture empower clients to have an upgraded solution for focused endpoints in a digital mesh, for example, smartphones, desktop, automobile and also a ceaseless experience as they move across these distinctive channels.

  1. Digital Technology Platforms

Various digital technology platforms provide essential building blocks for a digital business. There are 5 important platforms such as information systems, analytic and intelligence, customer experience, business ecosystems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that empowers the new abilities and different business models of digital business.

Every organization would have some mixture of these 5 digital technology platforms and they would the basic building blocks for digital businesses tomorrow.

Therefore, you should know that every business field is competitive and you should never lag in implementing the latest technology trends to exceed your business’ potentials.

 Start grasping these new technology trends, implement them in your business practices and look as your business flourishes!

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Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Today, the pace of technological progress is faster than ever before.
2. The year 2017 would set a stage for the Intelligent Digital Mesh.
3.  AI & Advanced Machine Learning & Intelligent Apps are the top tech trends for this year.
4. AR, VR & contextual user experiences would completely change the way individuals interact with systems.
5. Information systems, analytic & intelligence would be the major focal points to enable new capabilities to businesses.

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