Which Social Media platforms are best to promote your business?

Social media marketing is a highly trending field which has gained huge popularity especially because of its cost-effectiveness.

Different social media platforms have a different audience of varied age group, income group, gender, professional background and interests.

Advertisers today make use of these social media platforms to communicate to their target audience. Advertisers must be careful in choosing the social media platform. There should be relevance between the content to be communicated via the medium and the target audience viewing the medium.

Here are a few examples of the congruency between the medium and the business:



Facebook has a wide array of age group ranging from 15-70 years. Using Facebook for advertising consumer goods such as clothes, jewellery, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, home appliances and other such consumer durables is the easiest way for the advertiser to reach a wide audience the same time. Hence such platform should be used by B2C (business to consumers) companies.

E.g. FMCG companies such as Starbucks, Lakme, Jockey, etc. as well as companies selling consumer durables such as Intel, iPhone, Fastrack, etc. use Facebook to promote their products



This platform provides scope for companies or professionals to connect with each other. This media is useful for lead generation and building connections. Hence this media should be used by B2B (business to business) companies.

Even though LinkedIn does not provide e-commerce facility like Facebook, it is an important link in creating business relations. Mostly industrial manufacturing companies and service providers use this media.

E.g. Companies like McKinsey & Company, BCG, Merck, etc. use LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads




Yelp is a site where the people post reviews about our company, product, store experience, etc. One poor review on Yelp may jeopardize the company reputation. Hence it is important to maintain the reviews and ratings given by the users on Yelp.



YouTube is a platform where anything can be advertised which is in the form of a video. It has a mass appeal and is a useful tool for advertising. YouTube has a wide reach almost like that of Facebook.



Pinterest is a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos. This platform appeals mostly to women. A study suggests that this platform is more popular among females than males and hence marketers who wish to advertise their products that are targeted towards female audience should consider using this media.

E.g. The most popular pins are those of houses, wedding planners, décor, food networks, etc.



Instagram is photo and video sharing social networking site. This platform is a newly trending platform among the young. Visuals are more attractive than text hence advertisers should use this platform to create interest and curiosity of the product using impressive and impacting images. Hence advertisers promoting their product for youth should consider using the Instagram. This platform is for B2C companies as well as C2C sales.

E.g. FMCG companies such as Shein, H&M, Forever 21, Nike, etc. use this platform

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