Is The Web Dead

Is The Web Dead? Are Apps Killing It?

Is the web dead? Let’s dig deeper right away!

The web- that human readable design on top of the machine/computer babble which makes the internet- is drying. And the way it is being done to die or dying is set to have a long-lasting implication when compared to anything else in the field of technology today.

But, what’s killing the web or the internet? Just think a bit about your mobile phone- ok sorry the smartphone. You smartphone screen is flashed with all those small bricks which are apps and not websites and they fundamentally not work in tandem the way the web does.

Yes, it’s none other than the huge emergence of the apps (mobile based applications of various websites and also direct mobile adaptations of many daily usable web based aspects to do things mover the mobile phone for which one used to sit across a computer and surf the web once) that’s killing the web. Surprised? Here’s why!

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Is The Web Dead? Let’s Analyze!

Apps Are Youth’s Darling

Is-The-Web-Dead-Are-Apps-Killing-It-02There are various stories/data/surveys that are telling us all that, on an average, we (especially the youth, comprises a major chunk of today’s population) are spending more time on apps that was once spent in web surfing.

The apps have taken over and not only we are going gaga over them, but actually we are absolutely in love with apps. About 86% of our time is spent on apps and only a small 14% on the web, says a latest report as per the figures of a mobile-analytics company Flurry.

Mobile Internet Is A Miracle Of Sorts

It may sound like a minor change. In the olden days, we used to print out road directions from website such as MapQuest which were either confusing or wrong. However, in recent times, we simply call up Waze on our mobile phones which route us around traffic in real time. And yes, for those still remember the old way, this is a miracle, indeed!

Apps and everything revolving around them seem to be a win-win situation for others- they are much easier-to-use (then websites on a web browser), and super fast.

Convenience Does Count & How!

Another reason for web dying down is the popularity of the smartphone and ease of working over them.

People take out their mobile phones while waiting for buses and trains and shop for products that they wanted on the go and don’t wait any further to reach home, start the computer, turn on the internet connection, open a browser, open a website and then order; this process of ordering from home seems too long when compared to being on the go and shopping as one move across the city sans glitches.

Usage Of Mobile Have Climbed Sharply

There are various reports that suggest that there have been a huge shift from the desktop based internet world to the mobile based internet world.

Windows based operating systems have declined over the span of 5 years and the world has seen and is seeing the huge emergence of Android as the numero uno operating system.

Everything With An Online Presence Also Has An App Presence

Whichever website has an online presence these days also makes mobile apps also to increase footfalls and revenues. What’s more, even websites that were created especially for mobiles are nowadays are making ways for apps to be downloaded to serve more purposes.

The web has indeed hit its breakpoint majorly under the weight and influence of having too much of a good thing. The mobile internet is waving its way through the clutter similarly the same way that search engines did it for the early web.

But The Web Traffic Is On The Rise As Well

If other indicators are to be believed, it could be understood that the web usage is actually on the rise. Yes, the numero uno podium that people throng to get reliable information is none other than the Google, and it has been the highest ever visited website for the last many years.

If you go out and have a look at the traffic trends for, you are bound to see that Google’s traffic has been on a surge.

Having said that, it may still be stated that the web may have slowed down a bit due to apps and mobile internet usages but it’s not yet down and out.

And yes, it does not entirely mean that the web will disappear soon.

Combined with meaningful, time-saving and easy-to-use apps, this transition is made and is even more inclined to make the internet a far more functional place for people all across the globe.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Is the web really dead? Not yet!
2. Usage and importance of apps are on a rise
3. The usage of web has decreased due to apps
4. Will web make way for apps?
5. But web traffic is on the rise despite apps’ surge

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Watch This Video & Know If The Web Is Dead!

The Drill Down Is The Web Really Dead

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