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How to avoid search engine blacklisting?

The term “blacklisting” itself suggests that something wrong is happening around. Yes, search engines sometimes refuse to list your pages due to your poor SEO efforts, and/or because of using pirated content on your website that leads to a website block (blacklisting). It is a scary thing that sometimes you unknowingly get close to blacklisting scenario, by uploading lots of pages a day, adding more than 20 words in your META tag section in order to raise your SEO, adding more keywords into the title(most people do that), etc.

In order to get benefitted from daily infinite Google searches, you need to play fair by following the rules set by giant Google search engine. You shouldn’t duplicate your content else you will see your website blocked, permanently! As we have got the fair idea about blacklisting, let’s talk about, how can you possibly avoid it from happening? There are certain things that you have to avoid while maintaining a webpage; few of which are discussed below.

  • Uploading pages on regular basis:- Some search engines believe that uploading same pages within 24-30 hours is too sooner and it can harm your SEO and have a high possibility of delaying your website from being listed in SEO rankings. So, avoid submitting same pages to search engines to avoid getting victimise for blacklisting.
  • Don’t spam your keywords:- You have to avoid it because it has got the highest number of victims rate. For example, your website is all about digital marketing and you have put popular keyword like Lionel Messi in your META keyword. Search engines identify it via filters as a spam and block your website. Another thing is you must have META words in your web copy and don’t rush keyword in your title only, this can lead you towards blocking.
  • Don’t crowd your title:- It should be about 4-6 words that are appropriate to your web content. A title should not contain a long chain of keywords (1-2 important keywords are best).
  • Duplicate website:- This was the technique used in past to raise your SEO rankings. The content of the websites was used to be same but only with different URL and search engines were unable to catch it. But if you try this technique in the present day, you will definitely get blocked by search engines.
  • Keyword Repetition:- Don’t repeat your most important keyword too often in your META tag section. It is fine to repeat important keyword up to 2 times, which actually will boost your SEO.
  • Automated Submissions to the Major Search Engines:- Using an automated service or software to submit your website to the search engines can be extremely counterproductive. Majority of the big search engines and directories accept manual submissions but do not like to be spammed with the automated ones.
  • Cloaking:- Search engine technique in which 2 different content is presented to users and search engines. Better you should avoid this deceptive technique because if you get caught, your website can get permanently banned.
  • Using bots to add or edit contents automatically:- Search engines hate it when some bot create, edit or modify your web content on your behalf automatically.


Below are the status codes of indications for blocking:

  • 301 Moved Temporarily
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found
  • 408 Request Timeout
  • 429 Too Many Requests
  • 503 Service Unavailable

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