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Protect Website From Hacking – 4 Tips!

Made a website and doing great online business? Congratulations! It’s also a great time to protect website from hackers and more!

You may not ponder over that your online identity has something or the other worth to be hacked, but websites, generally are not breached or hacked to only steal data or defame and deface it but even for attempts to be made to use the server an email for spam or to set up a temporary web server, to serve illegal nature files, normally.

Hacking is not a new term these days and is done by automated scripts written to wash the internet in an attempt to abuse known security issues of the website in software.

However, by following some simple yet effective tips, you can easily keep your websites protected from hacking.

Protect Website – Here’s How!

Let’s Have A Look!

4-tips-to-protect-website-from-hackingAlways keep Your Software Updated

It may sound obvious but having your software updated and in proper condition may help in combating an upcoming and unexpected hacking attack easily. This applies to server operating system and any other software that you may have such as a Content Management System (CMS) or forum.

This is crucial to be done as you must know that when the security of your website has loopholes, hackers waste no time in exploiting them easily.


Cross site scripting is when a hacker attempts to pass in JavaScript or any other scripting code made into a web form to try to run a malicious for site’s visitor. Thus, when creating a form, ensure you have checked the data being processed or submitted and strip out or encode any HTML.


It’s a common thing to know that everyone should use complex passwords but that’s not always the practice. Hence, it becomes vital to create and use strong passwords to your website admin area and server and also signify users to use strong passwords practices to have the secrecy of their accounts protected greatly.

File Uploads

Allowing your user to upload files to your website could be a tricky business and a big website security risk even if it’s simpler to change the avatar. The risk includes that a file of any nature when uploaded may have a script when executed on your server may open your website in a complete manner.

Thus, try to have aforementioned points taken care of when operating a website so that your web identity is not defamed and lose face.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. You need to keep your software applications up-to-date with hacking threats.
2. Build layers of security around your website.
3. Switch to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).
4. Use strong passwords& change them regularly.
5. Make administrator directories tough to spot.

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