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Digital Certificate – A Short Perspective!

Are you not yet aware about digital certificate? You must know if you are having an online business!

Yes, while being in a physical world, you generally safeguard your written correspondence by keeping it in an envelope before posting/shipping, right?

However, in an online environment, sending across an email is almost like sending a postcard; it’s very easy to read/intercept as it travels across the web. But, instead of making your private email message vulnerable, one option for making it risk and issue-free is by the usage of a Digital Certificate.

Does it sound alien to you? It may, but most famous email clients let you encrypt and sign email message along with the click of a button.

What Is A Digital Certificate?

digital-certificate-a-short-perspectiveA digital certificate could be stated as file’s pair on your computer which you may put to use to create digital valued or equivalent handwritten signature and sealed envelopes.

Each file’s pair is equally divided into two parts; the private key and the public key. A public key is something that could be shared while a private key is one that stays only for your use or only you should have access to.

Your programs or computer have the capacity to understand as to how to share only the public part of your key, making others view it and still keeping the very vital private key exclusively for just your views only. For an instance, you can digitally sign the message when you are sending across an email message by simply attaching your Digital Certificate.

Digital Certificate could also be used to sign documents electronically, making it an important reason why it becomes vitally crucial to safeguard private key portions of the certificate files and share them absolutely but never.

You could also be bound legally to some aspect and then it would become painfully difficult to prove that it was not exactly you who signed the email message/documents digitally.

The Digital Certificate is available from a third party known as a certificate authority; InCommon Federation uses Comodo Ltd as its certificate authority.

What Constitutes A Digital Certificate?

The electronic files comprising the Digital Certificate have:

  • The person’s name
  • An email address
  • A serial number
  • A public key
  • An expiry date (Generally, Digital Certificates are valid for a period of 5 years)
  • A digital certificate

When you download a Digital Certificate, you also receive private and public keys, both. While the public keys are ones which you can use to sign or encrypt files and documents, the private keys are basically stored on your computer.

You should and must never, ever share the private keys with anyone.

Why Should You Use A Digital Certificate?

There are numerous benefits of putting a Digital Certificate to the use. Let’s see some:

  • Send Signed Email Messages- It ensures the recipients of the email messages that the message came to him/her from only a particular ‘you’ and not from someone pretending to be ‘you’. This is quite vital and crucial when one is sending out official messages, such as from a Prime Minister’s or President’s Office.
  • Encrypt The Content Of Attachments and email messages as it protects them from being read by online hackers, intruders and more and only and only, your selected receiver may decrypt them.
  • Encrypt Folder/Files On The Computer- This holds true and quite helpful for stolen or lost mobile devices and laptops as hackers/thieves would be required to have your password to get access to any of the encrypted files or folders.
  • Regulate Business Processes- By allowing people or users to use Digital Certificate to sign documents electronically and approve anything at any stage of a given process.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Digital certificate is a superb website security tool to go for
2. A digital certificate provides security layer to your business communication and much more
3. It has many benefits to rely on
4. Have an online business? You ought to have a digital certificate installed
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