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Website Security Importance To Know!

Have an online business and don’t have a website security system installed?

Nowadays, a week almost does not go by unless there are reports of security breach, hacking, data leakage and more.

After having said that, have you wandered your esteemed thoughts as to what would be your condition and how would your online booming business, internet network, websites and emails get blocked one fine day?

If you have not yet opted for a sound security feature for your website business, time is just ripe to opt for some great security protocols or do an audit of website security and conduct a review.

As you read this, hackers are getting more and more advanced and sophisticated than ever and that’s where the need to have an equally capable website security installed before an attack happens and yes, you just can’t let this to wait for ages to be done, you must take a call on it right away.

BookMyIdentity is here to take care of it all as it provides you with great website security packages other than also offering quality and inexpensive domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting services and more.

What’s more, having a secured website that your customers could trust to have their entire personal data safe is extremely vital these days as if you are able to gain customer trust, customers are more likely to return to your website for future usages.

Website Security Is A Must

The History Of Attacks Over The Internet

importance-of-website-securityIf you try to get an overview of the history of the internet, you would come to know that it has relentlessly progressed and developed into a standard mode of enhancing an organization’s reach and also providing new opportunities on a daily basis.

However, unfortunately at the same time, it looks like there are lots of people with bad intentions when it comes to hacking and accessing personal details of not only the website but also customers’ which is supposed to be confidential information.

When a website is not laced with high level of strong internet security, files can easily be accessed, altered, damaged, stolen and even misused; easily making the integrity of a web business go vulnerable.

The first ever computer virus was acknowledged way back in 1986 and transmitted or spread via floppy discs and although this virus was not that destructive, again in 2013, a virus surfaced again and was known to down a network of bank based automated trailer machine or any time money (ATMs).

How To Check Your Internet Security

It’s quite simple; one can get an initial security audit done to recognize gaps within your current network and log as to who has been attempting and accessing files or person behind the deletion of a certain file.

An audit must be carried out on a daily basis as a preventive measure and not only and when your network has been exposed by hackers and attacked/hacked. All efforts must be made by a webmaster or website administrator to safeguard the databases as two-third of confidential and sensitive data is stored.

Access To Information Has Enhanced So Has The Threats    

Technology has touched a new high and has become very advanced and so have our demand and the need to access various data. The availability and feasibility of using Smart Phone devices has made users access no matter wherever they are right on their fingertips.

With preference surging for mobile accessibility and similar platforms, webmasters/website owners need to take into account security protocols for them as well.

Thus, given the importance of websites being so greatly accessed and being used so vehemently, it becomes quite dutiful to even enable a greater website security measures for them so that not only web business flourishes and sustains but even customers keep glued to them sans issues pertaining to hacking.

Website Security Services Of BookMyIdentity

At BookMyIdentity, we have three efficient website security services such as SSL Certification, SiteLock and CodeGuard.

SSL Certification

SSL Certification is a standard security technology for an encrypted link formation between a client and a web server and a mail server and mail client such as Outlook.

SSL transmits any information pertaining to customer’s credit/debit card and login details and social security number sans breaching and securely.


CodeGuard is a service that offers an automatic website backup solution exclusively for BookMyIdentity customers with Shared Hosting Packages. This service aids to observe and monitor a website and keeps one updated and informed about changes and also provides backups and avoid downtime frequently.


As simple as the name, SietLock protects your website from all possible threats looking large from hackers and more. Want to know more about SiteLock Protection?

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Website security is crucial to maintain during today’s ‘hacker ridden’ days
2. Have a large or small eCommerce website? You must install website security tools
3. SSL Certification, SiteLock & CodeGuard are major website security tools
4. Get your hands on them and keep your website super protected
5. BookMyIdentity provides these website security tools at affordable rates

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BookMyIdentity is a domain name registration service that also offers web hosting, website building, and email hosting services and of course the very vital website security packages at affordable costs.

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