Let’s Know About CodeGuard

CodeGuard is a service which offers an automated website backup solution meant for BookMyIdentity customers with Shared Hosting Packages.

CodeGuard aids to monitor or observe a website and keeps you updated and informed of changes, if any and also offers frequent backups and restore options so as to avoid downtime.

It provides with a simple yet powerful interface so that you may have your website backups in minutes. What’s more, in addition to just backing up your website, it also monitors a website for any change and alerts one when one occurs.

This is an exceptionally great feature of the CodeGuard and can proactively revamp and get ahead of what could be stated as a potentially shocking situation, should your website become compromised.

One of the other superb features of the CodeGuard is the frequency in which backups are taken. Firstly, the whole website’s backup is taken and once this is done, additional backups are accounted on a file-by-file wise when files are changed. And yes, this is done automatically!

This means that you will have a true copy of backups of what is particularly needed from your end and will also lessen the amount of overly redundant backups as it will be costly and also confusing to go and deal with.

What Will Happen To My Database

You don’t have to worry at all as CodeGuard is well-equipped and provides with the ability to back up your MySQL database easily. Simply enter your credentials of database and CodeGuard will take care of the database backup. The databases as such are pivotal for a majority of the database centric websites powered by Content Management System (CMSs) such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

CodeGuard Services


CodeGuard makes a preliminary site’s backup and keeps the process of backups going as changes also keeps happening.


CodeGuard also monitors a website each day for changes and also sends a change alert email to signify you if there are any to ponder over. It also keeps you updated on the backup’s progress.


With the restoration feature of the CodeGuard, one gets the facility to revert back to any previous website’s version with the simple click of a button.

Thus, why to wait and let your website be vulnerabilities attracting entity; go for CodeGuard now and ensure a better website security without issues.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. A CodeGuard service takes automatic data backups of your website.
2. It monitors your website daily for changes and sends an alert email to notify you if there is any.
3. You could restore your website back to any previous version just in a single click.
4. It offers the capability to easily backup your MySQL database.
5. It follows the industry’s best practices to safeguard your data.

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Let’s Know About CodeGuard
CodeGuard is a service which offers an automated website backup solution meant for BookMyIdentity customers with Shared Hosting Packages.
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