Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – Which social media suites my business promotion?

People of every generation are addict to social media and spend a lot of time on social media which can vary from 1 hour to 6 hours or even more every day. Social media is generally used for sharing ideas, information or connecting with people. In 2017, around 2.46 billion people were using social media and it is estimated that, till 2019, the number will go up to 2.77 billion.


Social media is way more important than what it is used for. The most important social media’s use is Business Promotions. As per the above data on social media users, it proves to be the best platform to promote a business, whether it is a start up or a well established business. As a whole, social media is most promising for lead generation and reputation management platform.


Giving your business a social media touch will not only help you to increase your business but also connects with your customers and helps you to serve them on a higher level.

Social media is a global platform which allows vigorous participation of the customers which would include criticism as well as new ideas and suggestions to improve your product.


The participation of the customers will also help one to know where your business is well-known. This will help you to narrow down the target audience, improve the ads and make one’s products and services fit for the customers.


So, which social media is the best for your business promotion?


Choosing the best social media platform for your business is not an easy task. Thousands of social media networks are available, but you can start using the most widely used and popular platform applicable for your business promotion.


The core purpose of your target audience using social media is social networking. So it’s crucial to select social media platform to promote your business without disturbing your target audience interest.


For example, people use WhatsApp and Snapchat mostly to connect with people personally, but you using such social media platform may have inverse effect. Your promotion may cause a disturbance/distraction for them in their private conversation.


5 social media sites that is best for your business-



Best for – B2C, some cases B2B

Industries – Fashion, E-commerce, Entertainment, Retail, Marketing, Real Estate, Sports, Health and Wellness, Auto, News and Information etc.

Facebook is considered as local SEO, means search engines look at your business’s Facebook profile as an indicator when they spit out local search results. Your business needs a Facebook presence, doesn’t matters if that’s one of the main platform you choose for your business.



Best for – B2C

Industries – Arts and Crafts, Food and Beverage, Travel and Hospitality, Fashion, Health and Wellness, E-commerce, Beauty, Photography, Auto, Event planning etc.

Instagram is the best social media platform for business which has visual product or visuals of products can be shared for promotion. Instagram helps in brand awareness and engagement, as it is owned by Facebook so have a lot similar features and ad targeting options.



Best for – B2B and B2C, employment

Industries – Financial, Employment, Science and Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Education, Professional Services, IT

People are using LinkedIn more for professional networking as compared to other social media platform.



Best for – B2C, some cases B2B.

Industries – News and Information, Retail, E-commerce, Telecom, Finance, Fashion and Sports Twitter is the great place to show your expertise, products, and creativity as it is becoming a central discovery hub for consumers. Twitter is good for customer service. For example, if your customer has any issue with your product, they can directly tweet you regarding it. If your business has right audience and a big element of customer service, Twitter is highly recommended to your business.



Best for – B2C.

Industries – Beauty, Home and Garden, E-commerce, Retail, Fashion, Health and Wellness, Travel and Hospitality, Arts and Crafts, Foods and Beverages, Event Planning

Pinterest is an ideal place for hobbyist. If you have a visual product or services which require display of visual planning like Landscaping, Event planning Home remodels, etc then Pinterest is the best platform for you.


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