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Misconceptions about social media marketing

Social Media is a crucial tool for marketing any business. It is a cost-effective way to have your business out in front of people daily, making positive connections with an audience, building awareness, and creating interest and loyalty all to drive sales, generate revenue, and grow your business.

Here are a few misconceptions everyone has about social media marketing:

1.  You can’t measure the return on investment of social media marketing
Social media marketing has evolved to a point where ROI can be tracked and measured. This is where establishing goals, quantifiable objectives and KPIs is absolutely essential, as it provides you with a clear set of metrics to measure your social media marketing efforts against.

Through the use of platform and third-party analytics tools you can measure the following:

  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  1. All social media platforms are the same

Each social media platform has a specific audience and a certain type of preferred content. B2B companies find more success on LinkedIn than Snapchat. Likewise, creative companies thrive on visually focused platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You need to figure out which platform will help your business the most.

  1. The more social media platforms a brand or business is active on, the better
There are several factors to look at when figuring out the Social sites to use for marketing purposes. Determining your target audience and figuring out which site they are most active on is the best way to determine the Social sites to focus your efforts is one way.
Once you figure out where your customers and potential customers are and learn the best practices for marketing on those platforms, you can be effective on the sites they use. It is not necessary to be everywhere and dilute your efforts. Selecting the top sites that work best for your business and focusing on those strategies will be most effective.

4.  Social media marketing is just for the younger generations

People of every age use social media. Statistics show that Facebook alone has 1.23 billion daily active users worldwide. And it’s the most used social media channel among all ages, used by 64 % of the population over the age of 60. So it is a misconception that only younger generation uses social media.

  1. Social Media Marketing is Free

It’s free to create a social media profile, but the time and resources used in managing the accounts come at a cost. If you truly want your marketing efforts on Social Media to work it demands time, attention, research, and hard work. Almost all social platforms offer the option to place ads. Four times as many businesses are increasing their social media budgets as are staying consistent.

  1. Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

Some business owners think that because they aren’t receiving direct results their efforts are wasted. Sure, it may seem like that daily update does nothing, no one liked it or shared it, but the fact that your updates are seen, and your ads are showing to thousands means you are in front of people. There is no other advertising source that will put your business in front of so many people every day for a low cost.

Now that we have seen the misconceptions about the use of social media for marketing, this is the time to start using it and making most of it for your business.

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