Top 9 Social Media platforms for online business promotions

No business these days can do without online promotions. Social media sites, public forums for businesses, review forums, blogs etc. are exhaustively used for branding and promoting products and services online. Investing in online promotion is the best marketing investment today.

Here is the list of top 9 Social Media Platforms for Online Business Promotions in 2019:

Facebook: Facebook needs no introduction. The Facebook Ad service is better than many social media ad services and affiliate marketing services online. Facebook is always the no. 1 method for online promotion of any business. It has 1.32 billion active users. This gives you a better audience reach in a short span of time.

Instagram: Instagram is certainly the second most popular method of promotion today. It was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion USD. The app is good at highlighting your products and services. You can show business accomplishments, charity involvements and more in a very casual way through Insta.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is perfect for B2B promotion. It is one of the most powerful platforms today for branding your business among other businesses and professionals looking to connect with companies like yours.

YouTube: YouTube undoubtedly is the best platform for business promotion among people who watch videos more than reading. You can find video bloggers doing extremely well on YouTube because of the engaging capabilities of videos.

Quora: People ask several questions online every day. You can promote your brand by answering these questions. You can also create your own questions to understand what people think of your business or products that you’re promoting.

Pinterest: Pinterest is excellent for promoting creative works. The social media platform has over 175 million. Pinterest is recommended for women-oriented businesses, recipe websites, beauty blogs and similar kinds of niches.

Twitter: Twitter is an old social media platform now which makes it perfect to attract users who believe in up-to-date information and indulge in trending topics. It has 330 million monthly active users offering a great potential reach for your business.

Yelp: Yelp is an excellent website to attract customers from the US, it has 145 million users from across the world. It helps your brand name get proper recognition. You can keep up your reputation as you grow and retain your customers.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger has recently started gaining popularity. Your potential customers who use the Facebook messenger app can opt to receive notifications from you. These are more productive customers. You would be able to directly text your target customers to sell your product or service and also know how interested they are in purchasing the same.

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