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Colocation Hosting – 5 Great Benefits!

Colocation hosting is basically the practice of housing/installing networking equipment and servers that are privately-owned in a third-party data center.

Under this facility, instead of having the servers ‘in-house’, in offices or at a private data center, organizations can opt to ‘co-locate’ their equipment by getting space rented in a colocation center.

Thus, unlike other web hosting types, under which one can rent space on a hosting provider, owned server such as BookMyIdentity, with a colocation facility, a customer already possesses the server and also rents the needed physical space to have it within the proximity of a data center.

Nowadays, the technology is booming and so is the cloud, and businesses have more options when compared to earlier times when it comes to catering of their IT needs and colocation is one of those technologies.

In the context of the same, let’s see 5 superb advantages of Colocation Hosting in brief.

Colocation Hosting Benefits


5-great-colocation-hosting-benefitsHave your computing needs grown overnight? Or did you face a drastic drop during a slow season? Instead of hiring or firing new staff or buy even more equipment to handle it yourself, you can simply give a call to your nearest colocation provider and scale your service up and down as required.


Colocation service providers keep your servers in a climate controlled data centers, sufficing it with superb bandwidth speeds and even greater redundancy for network connections. With this feature, your office staff would be able to stay focused to other key business operations as there won’t be a need to pay for the costs to get and maintain the mentioned type of IT infrastructure in your very own workplace.


Niche colocation service providers keep your servers in safe and secured data-centers with various security measures which also includes closed circuit cameras (CCTVs), on-site security, biometric scanners, alarm system, code based access and much more.

You don’t have to buy all mentioned security equipment as all are included in a service plan, generally.


If you plan to move out your office to a new location, hit with a power disruption or even suffer a natural disaster, there won’t be any worry of your services or data going down as a colocation provider is laced with numerous backup contingencies and generations in place to ensure that you suffer no operational issues for you or even customers.


A colocation hosting facility usage not only helps you save costs, it also converts unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses. All you have to do is, pay for your own equipment and not for a whole data center.

Some More Key Benefits   

Customers may also opt for Colocation Services due to an increasingly high-levels of physical security available when compared to in-house hosting.

For an instance, options such as lockable or bolted cabinets and CCTV monitoring, an even tougher phenomenon to incorporate in an in-house arrangement is easily used in colocation data centers in addition to other procedures ranging to suppression and fire detection systems, private suits and mantraps.

What’s more, colocation also users to benefit from data center infrastructure while maintaining server configuration, maintenance and upkeep. It can also be a cost-effective service and also free up spaces in workspaces.

Colocation also make way for the saving of the resources which would spent dealing with in-house server keep up logistics, otherwise!

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These were some of the great advantages of availing a colocation type of web hosting which you went through on BookMyIdentity, a niche and cost-effective domain name registration service which also provides quality web hosting, website building/creation, email hosting (business & enterprise) solutions, website security services and much more!

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5 Great Colocation Hosting Benefits
A colocation hosting facility usage not only helps you save costs, it also converts unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses.
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