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Dedicated Hosting – 5 Superb Benefits!

Dedicated hosting is what you need to run a large eCommerce website!

Yes, with the advent of internet marketing, more and more businesses are shifting online as by doing this, they are not only able to find new customers and grab more sales revenues but even make a niche image in a very short span of time.

Yes, having a web identity these days in the form of a website is one of the most profitable ways for businesses to grow, glow and reach places.

And while most of the business entities create their websites using powerful hosting options such as VPS or Dedicated Server or shared hosting, sometimes.

The websites that are hosted using Dedicated Hosting are more beneficial.

Let’s have a look at 5 of the fantastic benefits of Dedicated Hosting!

Dedicated Hosting Benefits!


5-superb-dedicated-hosting-benefitsDedicated Hosting Servers are considered as one of the most powerful hosting options and when they are brought from a service provider such as BookMyIdentity, they provide you with high quality server hardware for a top-notched performance with the servers connected to the internet via a 1 GBPS internet line.

What’s more, you can also select from RAM, CPU, DISK SPACE and be very sure of getting a heightened performance.


While using Dedicated Servers, you can be assured of putting any software to use as these servers are greatly customizable. Thus, you can easily know which software to go for to further carve out a great performance of the Dedicated Hosting Servers.


With internet security being considered as a benchmark for success of online websites, it becomes a must to ensure security and if a Dedicated Hosting is used, website security could easily be assured as there is no sharing of servers.

If you opt for a managed Dedicated Hosting, your servers will be configured by BookMyIdentity’s expert technicians and it would mean that the security of the server will be assured.

No Maintenance Cost

Managing a physical server is very costly and also its operational and maintenance cost may further burn a huge hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, Dedicated Server Hosting differs a bit from managing a physical server.

It also depends which service provide you are opting for as a niche service provider shall not ask you for extra maintenance cost which may aid you to save money.

Feature Rich

Each web hosting service provider offers multiple features with plans of Dedicated Server Hosting. Almost all web hosts will also give you Free Unique IP Address for websites, Premium Control Panel, Catching Software, Spam Control Features and various eCommerce solutions.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1.  Know about the concept of dedicated hosting
2. Dedicated hosting aids in great web hosting needs of a large eCommerce website
3. Dedicated hosting has various benefits to reap rewards from
4. Dedicated hosting provides performance, customization, security and is feature laden with no extra maintenance costs
5. Go for a dedicated web hosting platform if you have a large business website operation to run

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Thus these aforesaid Dedicated Hosting superb benefits will keep your online business afloat. Why not simply opt for it today on BookMyIdentity, your one-stop eStore to grab affordable and quality web hosting solutions.

What’s more, it also offers domain name registration, business email solutions, website security, website builder and much more.

Video:Advantages Of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated web hosting platform provides an online business with a greater ease of operations and it’s also a secure since an entire server is dedicated to just one client.

Infographics: Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Web Hosting


Want to know about shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated web hosting? Have a look at this infographics!

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