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Managed Hosting Vs Colocation Hosting

Confused between the managed hosting & the colocation hosting? Simply continue to read to unearth basic differences!

Nowadays, there are various types of web hosting plans available in the online market. This makes it very difficult to choose which one would be good for your business. With such a large number of choices, making a final decision could be a confusing stage.

Once you have selected a type of hosting plan, you also need to consider server sub-types. Some server sub-types have similarities, so it is imperative to carefully explore what each web host offers in order to choose the best one, which meets your business needs.

If you are having difficulty deciding between managed and colocation hosting, here are some points that would definitely help you make a good decision and you would not regret after the fact is revealed.

Managed Hosting Vs Colocation Hosting – A Short Story!

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is actually a type of dedicated web hosting, where a hosting service provider leases a dedicated server along with hardware to a single specific customer. With this hosting, you would have a dedicated server, which is used only by you and have a full administrative control over it.

Under this service, a web host provides all essential technical services such as a server setup and installation, software installation as per your choice, web security monitoring 24/7/365, software upgrades, comprehensive customer support, and more.


A web host also monitors and maintains your server to ensure the high performance and reliability. If any problems occur, a host would detect them quickly and efficiently make the repair.

In other words, a hosting provider would be responsible for managing and maintaining the integrity, reliability, and performance of your server and you would not be responsible for an administration of your server, which helps you simply focus on your organization’s most important goals.

Due to its convenience, flexibility, and reliability, many business owners select a managed hosting service.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is much similar to a dedicated hosting service, as you would also have your own server that is only used by you.

However, the major difference is that the web server would actually be yours and won’t be rented by you but would be owned by you.  This means that you would purchase the server, which could be quite expensive.

With colocation web hosting, you could keep your server in an office that has been intended to give the most astounding security.

Large organizations use a colocation hosting service as a powerful and effective server storage solution.

The primary difference between managed and colocation hosting is the amount of control you have over your web server.

With colocation since you actually own a server and you have a complete control over it, you would also require the capacity to do as such. For this, you require an IT team with the capability to run a server and also require a budget to buy a server.

With managed web hosting, you would lease a server, making it a cheaper option and you would not need to stress over the hassle of managing and maintaining it.

With managed hosting solution from BookMyIdentity, you would get access to streamlined IT operations and a reliable infrastructure with a powerful web security.

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Key Points From The Whole Article –

1.Managed server hosting is an IT (Information Technology) model in which a web hosting service provider leases a dedicated server along with the hardware to a single specific customer.
2.Managed server hosting differs from other types of dedicated web hosting and under this, a web hosting service provider manages the system software, operating system and hardware.
3.In managed hosting services, a web hosting service provider is responsible for installation and configuration of software, set up and configuration of hardware, patch management, technical support, system monitoring, updates and even maintenance.
4.Managed server hosting is the one in which your web host is responsible for everything such as system management, up-gradation, and maintenance of the entire setup as per your business requirements.
5.Under managed server hosting, a support is given by a web host dedicatedly- 24/7, which could be reached through multiple modes such as a phone, support ticket and even chat and fix almost all hitches in your system.

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