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Reseller Hosting – A Snapshot!

Reseller hosting can be defined as a web hosting service where a web hosting account owner could use his/her disk space and bandwidth to host a website on behalf of third parties. A reseller host buys the web host’s services in wholesale and sells them to clients, probably for a profit.

A specific amount of hard disk drive space and bandwidth is owed to a reseller account. A reseller host might lease a dedicated server from a web hosting organization or resell shared web hosting services.

Later, a reseller host simply gives the permission to sell a specific amount of disk drive space as well as bandwidth to its own clients, without leasing a server from a web hosting organization it signed for the reseller account with.

Thus, reselling is when an organization uses different resources of the parent web hosting organization and sells them as its own. There are the individuals who could get benefits of selecting reseller hosting to host their website. There are also the individuals who have been disappointed with their reseller and the individuals who might be keen on opening their own reseller web hosting account.

For this, you should know all information about reseller web hosting to determine which type of reseller hosting could work for your business.

Reseller Hosting – Features & More!

There are various features available for reseller web hosting depending upon a web host organization. However, there are some basic features often incorporated in reseller hosting packages. These include-

  • Capability to brand your own website hosting organization with a parent web hosting organization invisible to your customers
  • The capacity to deal with your own particular plans and even configure various accounts as per your necessities
  • Domain hosting
  • High-speed bandwidth
  • Required disk space

BookMyIdentity offers you a great reseller hosting solution to start your own web hosting business.

Here are the five great reasons why BookMyIdentity’s reseller hosting service is a wise and a profitable choice.

  1. What-Is-Email-FilteringIts reseller hosting plans come with a robust control panel for websites and email management along with WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) and WHM (Web Host Manager) to manage each and everything easily.
  2. Its expert team of system administrators handles all server maintenance as well as website security issues with up to 99.99% uptime assurance.
  3. Its Linux and Windows reseller hosting are great for developers as well as small web hosting providers as they are cost-effective for multiple websites.
  4. Its reseller hosting offers advanced email hosting, which includes IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) support, unlimited POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) support and easy-to-use webmaster interface for your business.
  5. Its reseller hosting also offers various add-ons such as unlimited add-on domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited databases, unlimited FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts, parked domains, Add-on dedicated IP (Internet Protocol), private SSL certificate and much more.

Thus, start your web hosting business with BookMyIdentity, which runs and maintains your own hosting business under your own brand and banner. It offers DNS servers, customizable themes, and even a configurable website builder to help you. It provides you an entire web hosting foundation, but the individuals actually see that is all yours. ???

Key Points From The Whole Article –

1.Reseller Web Hosting Service is a type of hosting where a reseller account owner buys resources from a hosting company such as BookMyIdentity and then offer web hosting service to its clients/users.
2. A reseller workslike a mediator/catalyst between the users and the original web hosting company.
3. It has many great benefits to go for.
4. It reduces extra costs and enhances the growth of services/business.
5. BookMyIdentity has an formidably better reseller web hosting package for you all!

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The BookMyIdentity’s reseller hosting program handles your all back-end work while you could focus on building and upgrading your business. It maintains your network infrastructure, configures the security, handles hardware setups as well as maintenance, and even updates your servers.

Along with various web hosting services, it also offers several online services such as domain name registration, website building, email hosting, website security and more at low-cost prices.

Video:How A Reseller Hosting Program Works

If you are willing to know about some vital inputs as to how a reseller hosting platform works, this is the video you should be watching right away!

Infographics:  Reseller Hosting – A Quick Guide!

Here’s a quick take on the concept of reseller hosting in-depth via this informative infographics, have a look!

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