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Go, Make A Website Mobile-Friendly!

Have a website? Good! Is it optimized for mobile devices? Yes, the need of the hour is a mobile-friendly website.

If you do not have a mobile-friendly web presence, you are missing out on an enormous chunk of your online business’ traffic and even conversion potentials.

Having a mobile-friendly online presence is not simply a good practice, but it is actually a prerequisite.

Recently, Google announced that it would start using mobile-friendly websites as a ranking factor. This implies that if your website is not mobile-friendly, it would soon invite a lower rank in search engine results.

Let’s see some important points, which would help you make it more mobile-friendly.

Create Mobile-Friendly Website Easily

  • Make A Mobile Version 

It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a mobile-friendly web presence. You could make a mobile version of it by using various conversion platforms such as DudaMobile and bMobilized.

  • Use Mobile Plugins On CMS Platforms

The most prominent website CMSs (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla would help you create a mobile-friendly web presence without requiring two separate versions.

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Content Management Systems incorporate various approaches to customize a mobile experience to not only deliver an appropriate content, but also include various features best used on a mobile device.

  • Use A Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

A mobile-first responsive web design means you could start your digital business design process by designing for a mobile. Once you are done with a design for mobile, you could easily modify this design for the desktop.

It is actually simpler to translate a mobile design of your web presence to a desktop design than translating a desktop website design to a mobile.

To create a mobile-friendly web presence, you can also use mobile-centric website builder, from BookMyIdentity. It is a platform, where you do not need to learn any programming language or technical skills to get your brand page optimized for mobile visitors.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Having your web presence mobile compatible means reaching to more people these days.
2. Don’t wait, develop a mobile version of your website & enhance your brand value amongst youths.
3. Even Google gives value to mobile enabled web pages in deciding rankings.
4. This is also true as more & more people are browsing the web on mobile devices & going mobile would help you impress your audiences & help scale up sales via micro devices also.
5. BookMyIdentity helps you do so by offering Impressly, a self-made tool to help you go mobile without having any prior technical knowledge of creating a web presence.

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