insta, a powerful tool to create an app like website

In today’s world where smartphones have become the go-to solution for almost everything, businesses too are getting 60-70% of their web traffic from mobile phones.

Mobiles are the easiest medium to attract traffic as people use mobile for getting all the information they require.

For this very reason is an innovative product that allows businesses to create and launch their own website across mobile phone, desktop and tablet screen. is extremely easy to use. All one has to do is go to the website, click on ‘build now’ button, enter the business’ Facebook link, website link (if there is an existing website), select the business type and start building your own website.

It does not require any coding or any technical expertise. One must simply select the template, fonts, navigation and other details form the available options and voila you are ready to fly!

The main plus point of this product is that it overcomes the limited mobile functionality that other site builder websites have. Even though it is still developing, the builder is already of very high quality.

It cost around $9 per month for the starter pack and $14 for business pack, which is very cost effective and convenient seeing that the website is created within 30 minutes. Hiring a professional web-designer will cost around twice of that and take more than a day.

Why app-like websites?

The problem of mobile apps of customization for each platform =m is overcome by this website builder as the website is made compatible for mobile, tablet as well as desktop screen.

It allows the website owner to make changes anytime and any number of times required.

It puts the question of reach to rest as, a mobile website has an enormously large reach.

Concluding, it can be said that although, it’s still in its early days, and there are still some rough edges that need to be ironed out, it is simple, innovative, stylish and fun to tweak and play with. It offers what it says it can offer and delivers a highly satisfactory product.


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