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There is no denying fact that the use of mobile devices is on the rise. Despite the popularity of e-commerce growing, mobile commerce activity is rising even faster. This means that if your business website wants to be successful, then you need to make sure your website is responsive to mobile device users. is a platform which is fully aware of the need to be mobile-centric. In fact, it is so convinced that mobile activity will raise your business growth where they focus on creating software that allows you to build beautiful websites using your mobile device. The best thing about this builder is that it can be also run on any platform. You don’t have to go though the sort of extensive coding or paying web developers to design your site. You can create beautiful websites in minutes.

How to create websites?

All you have to do is to get onto the website, and start creating your own website. The builder asks you to provide your business Facebook link, when you start creating your website. Then the builder transfers the internet to any other social media where your business is active, and pulls it all onto one page.

After that you can select any of the templates available and the builder does the rest. You can then edit it however you like such as creating different pages, adding or removing pages and links, and even adding a blog onto it. Adding an online shopping car to your website is quite easy. You can make the website on your phone easily. You just need to download the app, and use it as you use the desktop version of the builder.

What is the best part of is very easy to use where you can literally enter your business Facebook link into the editor and the builder pull all the social media related information automatically to your business. You can create an app-like mobile website with ten different templates to choose from.

It is an amazing tool for the people who have no knowledge in coding because it picks up whatever you have put on your business Facebook page and puts it on the mobile site. is a quick, easy and best way to create a fully-functioning website, despite the platform. One don’t have to spend hours of coding, making sure every single line of code is perfect.

Final Words: is definitely an amazing tool for entrepreneurs. You can have your mobile website up and running in a few minutes where you can get it a cheaper rate than many web designers. It has a lot of templates which are created with different niche businesses in mind.

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