Get your E-commerce platform build for online selling

If growing your business is at the top of your priority list, e-commerce platforms would be a good way to start. These days’ businesses that sell their products online and own physical stores are doing better than the businesses that prefer not to go online. That being said, e-commerce platforms have changed the shopping concept, so selling your product online is not enough, it should have an exposure of a reputable e-commerce platform to see a decent growth within a short period of time.

These are the two major options of e-commerce platforms;

  • SaaS(Software as a Service)
  • Open Source

We have two important points for you to consider while choosing the right platform for your business;

  1. Cost: Compare the cost of both the platforms. Open source is free to download and if you have a small business it would be advisable for you to go for this one. However, there are tons of technical details that you need to manage and you would need to consult experts to understand it if you aren’t tech savvy. With SaaS, there is a monthly subscription fee but you would have a fully functional e-commerce platform. Both of these platforms rely on themes for the front end design.
  2. Complexity: With open source platforms, you would need technical knowledge, and if you can manage the technicalities you need not pay a subscription or worry about SaaS.

If you’re a non-technical person, you must know that SaaS is less complicated than Open Source. Saas offers:

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Software Updates
  • Ongoing Management
  1. Customization Options: Open source platforms are better when it comes to customization options. SaaS platforms usually have restrictions that you have to be constrained to. However, SaaS platforms offer updates to all your customers and also ensure that an integration works perfectly for every store.

If you’re still unsure about which platform you wish to settle with, try both the platforms for a fortnight. This would give you an experience of both and you’d be making an informed final decision.

E-commerce platforms have changed the shopping concept, all you need is excellent digital marketing. It’s proven that with efficiently conducted digital marketing campaigns you can target people who go online, according to their demographics and the time when they are actively browsing through the internet.


Online shoppers do proper research of products and services before they actually go to purchase them. Choose a platform that is good for your business and attracts more online shoppers with the least amount time and monetary investment.

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