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How websites create an impression on customers

A website is the core of online marketing activities. If you look at all online channels and techniques what they do is bring visitors to your websites. The actual purpose of this website is to turn visitors into customers. In marketing terms, it is called as CONVERSION.

A poorly structured website would cost you a lot of time and money. But a well structured and planned website would fetch you more customers and money at lower cost compared to other marketing methods.

So, it is very important to set the customers journey when they view your website.

Customer journey is when you architect a path of movement and action for your website visitors. What is the first thing you want your visitor to view in your web page, the content you want them to focus more on, which button you want them to click for more information.

The biggest mistakes about most of the websites is they provide information all about themselves i.e., what they do, what are their services, and how best they are from competitors etc etc…, website should not only be about what are the services been provided by them, but the main focus should be on customers’ requirements and what are they looking for.

First of all, you need to know your customers, their motivations to view your site. It is important for you to understand their queries and requirements based on which you can provide solutions to them. Based on this, you can decide a communication path with your customers.

 Appearance & functionality wise, following are the points to be considered to put an impression on customer

  1. Attractive: A website should be attractive which would make the 1st impression good and would retain the visitor to the website.
  1. Creative & Unique: A website should be creative and should have some unique elements in it.
  1. Functional: A website should serve the purpose, usually serve the requirements.
  1. Accessible: Website should be easy to access and navigate.
  1. Content: The content should always be relevant and catchy.
  1. Optimized: A website should be well optimized to different devices, search engines, data speed, and also to the mobile users.
  1. Performance and speed: Website should load faster for what customers are looking. You will have higher number of visitors if your page loads within 2 seconds.
  1. Secured: The major concern for visitors today is the web security. Visitors need to ensure that the website follows the industry standards and guidelines. Website should keep the customers personal information confidential.

 Content wise, following are the points to be considered to put an impression on customer

  1. State the problem: Need to show the customer you understand what their problem is and what solutions are they looking for. Sometimes it’s important to provide some case studies for customers to understand what exactly they want and how will you provide the solution.
  1. Identify customer’s requirements: It’s important to show customers that you know their requirements and provide services based on it.
  1. Introduce your services: This is the time you introduce and talk about your services a bit and also state how this product or service specifically helps them to find the required solutions.
  1. How better and beneficial is your services: Convince your customer for choosing a better service like yours and also state how different and beneficial is your product or services over competitors.
  1. Tell them what to do and where to go? You need to guide customers like click the below link, click the blue button, for more information ‘sign up’ here.

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