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Ways to keep the Visitor engaged on your Website

Getting people to visit your website is not enough, you must also make proper arrangements for them to stay longer, view your products and go through the content. You have a better chance of reaching more people on the internet however, the competition is tough online. To achieve your target is definitely not a piece of cake.


Here are some of the ways to keep the visitor engaged on your website:


Focus on Content: Ensure that the content you offer has information, knowledge, something unique and answers your customers’ queries accurately. You can upload written content, Gifs, infographics, video content and more. What you convey is more important than how you convey. Use quotes, interesting Gifs, attractive images, and brainstorming content to engage your visitors on your website.


Offer a Subscribe Option: Allow your visitors to subscribe to your email updates and notifications of new posts. You may collect their email addresses and send them offers and links to posts of their interest on your website. This would help your website in ranking on Google. Your visitors should revisit your website. You should have a proper details submission form that is easy to fill out and loads quickly.


Get Your Site Optimized: Your website should be as responsive on mobile devices as it is on a computer. There are several themes that are also mobile friendly, you just need to make sure you use one of those. Apart from this, social media optimization is another important factor. SEO helps you gain traffic but for proper optimization, you have to ensure excellence in content, and when you have good content you have customers waiting longer on your website.


Internal Link Building: Internal link building is one of the best ways to keep the visitor engaged on your website. It is as important from an SEO perspective as it is to keep your visitors from exiting out of your site. Titles and headlines should convey what the content is about and if a visitor requires more information about a topic there should be an internal link for that particular topic.


Apart from these ways, you can have a call-to-action option at the end of every post or at the end of every page. This will help users to keep connected with your website. For the users who subscribe to your newsletters and updates, you must ensure you have a ‘Thank You’ pop-up. You can also add an exit intent pop-up to keep track of which pages your visitors are exiting from, and you can offer them something that would make them stay instead.

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