Website building approach for Beginners

Website is the medium that allows you to combine text, images, and other multimedia into an interactive experience. There are lots of websites on the internet which have out of the box designs and are trendy looks wise, yet they fail miserably to connect with the visitors.

Designs are important because they give you different and new techniques, but the challenge lies in the proper implementation of those designs into the website. The goal is to sync your website design with the objective behind making the website.

A promotional website should have styles that show a specific feel. If you simply implement a look that is in fashion at the moment without considering the fact of how it fits the functioning of the website or your business, it is likely that the design would not be very effective.

Few approaches to understand website building:

Modals and Pop-Ups:

When the visitor clicks on a link a huge modal pop-up window covers the content. This makes no sense. If you’re directing the visitor to a specific article, that’s why they’re visiting the site and the pop-up distracts and annoys them. Let them read and enjoy. If the visitor likes the site, they’ll explore it on their own.

Walls of Text:

Text is a very important part of website designing. The text should be visually appealing. The website should not look like a giant block of plain text which is definitely not something that will attract visitors.

If you want to put a lot of text on a page, summarize it in portions and keep the major ideas in different sections. Including pictures will help in making the website attractive. Make the home page simple that explains what the site is about. If the visitor is interested they will explore more.

Not Enough Space:

Every beginner feels it required to fill the page with interesting information and pictures for people to look at and click on. Bad use of space just adds on the problem and the result is a mess with no clear purpose. Present just a few things at a time. Always make sure every bit of information is suitably grouped with other related designs and there’s enough separation between them.

Thinking Too Far Outside the Box:

Everyone is tempted to try things that have never been done before. Innovation is important, but too much can sometimes be a bad thing. You should create experiences that feel familiar to visitors so they can explore without having to learn anything. If you haven’t made many websites yet it is a good idea to start with common design patterns. Simplicity can be just as exciting as innovation if done well.

Complex Navigation within website:

Navigation is one of the most difficult aspects of website making. Spend a lot of time thinking about how all the screens flow together, how everything is labeled, what should be on its own page and what can be combined, etc. If there’s any single word that can make a huge impact on your site’s usability, it’s probably something in the navigation. Be clear about what each page contains. It is never a good idea to purposely create confusing navigation.

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